Online PPT Maker Tools – One of the things that remain constant despite your transition from classrooms to boardrooms is this: slideshow presentations. This is your best friend when you need to give a speech, a lecture, or a product pitch. It is difficult to talk without the visuals.
To convince your audience you want to show them statistics, infographics, and the only way to drive your point home is by having a slideshow presentation by your side. It gives that added oomph when needed and it closes the deal. Fortunately, the Internet now has plenty of online tools that you can use to create these presentations. The best part? They’re free!

List of Online Presentation Maker Tools


Canva Online Drag and Drop Presentation Maker
Canva – Online Drag and Drop Presentation Maker

Level up your presentations by creating your own graphics through the trusty presentation maker Canva. This tool is perfect for creating presentations and designing resumes, magazine covers, menus, book covers, posters, and a whole lot more. Ideal for creating image-focused presentations, Canva has a library of backgrounds, specially formatted boxes, page layouts, and images to help you create presentations like a pro.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show Free PPT Maker Online
Zoho Show – Free PPT Maker Online

Classy, sleek and elegant is what Zoho Show’s work space looks like. With slides and tools located at the left and right side of the screen, it is a lot easier to concentrate while working. A sidebar on each slides makes room for comments so it’s a lot easier to collaborate with your team. If your audience asks for a copy of your presentation, all you have to do is send them a link so they can download it themselves. You also have the option to do a live broadcast where the slides are streamed online and participants can communicate through live chat.

Google Slides

Google Slides
Google Slides

Google Slides gives the traditional feel of slide creation with plenty of space for collaboration. It has a lot of similarities with the presentation softwares that were used in the past; the only difference is it runs on a browser. There is a wide selection of themes, layouts, and slide transitions for any type of presentation. One can find the Explore sidebar that makes for an effortless polishing of the presentation. The slides can be shown via the browser or the mobile app. Other people can add their comments on the slides. It is easy to work on revisions, too.



Prezi’s large canvas doubles as a mindmap. Connect large graphics like cities or ecosystems and take your audience on a journey inside your presentation. It is a bit trickier to work on the slides in Prezi because sections need to be added first before you can tweak the whole zooming in and out of the presentation.


Slides - Create and share presentations online
Slides – Create and share presentations online

Slides is a more practical option when creating presentations. It’s a venue that enables team members to build up from each member’s presentation after searching from each other’s slide decks and checking which ones can be reused. It offers a shared library of logos, graphics, and designs.

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway - Newsletters, Presentations
Microsoft Sway – Newsletters, Presentations

It’s easily to get distracted with creating presentations, what with the possibilities offered by each tool and all. Good thing that won’t be a problem with Microsoft Sway, because it allows you to focus on the content by providing a storyline or an outline that includes images, links, text, and other options for formatting. When you’re done with the outline, you can then start working on your presentation using standard slides.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures is a brilliant and efficient way to capture the attention of your audience. Stand out by creating videos instead of the typical individual slides. Use Adobe Spark’s different features to create video stories, graphics, and web pages. Make adjustments using design filters, and adjust the number of seconds or minutes for each slide to be displayed during your presentation. This is actually quite handy, since you don’t need to stop every now and then to go to the next slide.
Each tool offers a different set of possibilities so it would be best to first determine how you want your presentation to be. Once you’re ready with the details, you can easily figure out which presentation making tool will work best for you.