Google provides every kind of info your search. be it education, travels, news, or any other info. But you may not know that it keeps a record of every search that is done. If you search on google for knowledge sake or surfing through websites that is fine. But there are some things that can lead you to problems.

These are the five things that can be troublesome for you to search:


while searching the location be careful to trace any location from your address. Google keeps a record and your privacy may be revealed.

Criminal activities

searching any crime or anything related to it can also put you in danger. Recently it was reported in America that a couple searched on google about pressure cooker and backpack FBR subjected them to search their home.

Email address

Never search or use  your email address in google search engine. There are chances of leaking your password or hacking your account. You can also get framed in some kind of scam.

Medical drugs

when you search for drugs related to medicines the data is transferred to third party. Based on this information ads are shown to you. This medical info is also given to criminal websites which is used in medical fraud and other scams.


Again the ads are shown when you search about any insecurities. Which proves that you are being followed by google. So if you do not want to be laughed at never search such things on google.