Starting for a New Blogger is not an easy job in Blogging Zone. It is mostly for those who have well knowledge of technology but are not about seo. Every Blogger try to Write Best and Quality Content in their Post. But Due to the Lack of blog optimization Knowledge they will not get targeted reader. Let us Discuss How to Promote Blog Post.

Blog Optimization

Keyword Research:-

Keyword Research is always a most important part in seo. when you start writing a post first you should do keyword research related to your post that you want to write. always focus on long tail keyword which is most searched and low competitive as the long tail keyword can help you to increase clicks of your post.

Keyword Research

Create Unique content:-

When you write a post then always remember that never copy content from any other blog or website. try to write unique content and target your primary and secondary keywords in the content. always try to write content which is relevant to some other topics or pages. this way you can use internal linking to other pages. although you are writing for seo purpose, the post should be readable and informative. try to write in your own words with proper grammar and vocabulary. If you write in minimum 500+ words that is best for SEO.

Choose appropriate image in Post:-

Image is best part of your post. image define your post easily. choose appropriate image related to your post or where you need it. use proper image name or filename, image title and alt tags of your image. don’t use copyright images in your post or if you want to use copyrighted images then you need to give an image credit or linkback. You can also use creative commons image.

Clean Page Name Structure:-

Some Bloggers use 10 to 15 word in url extension or in page name which is not suitable for seo. make your page name seo friendly. use only 3 to 5 word in page name. suppose your post name is Some Useful SEO Activities for Your Blog.


Bad:- or



Share your Post on Social Bookmarking Sites:-

Social Bookmarking Sites with High Domain Authority

Find at least 60 Best Social Bookmarking sites and divide it into 3 categories and submit your url in each category along with different Title and Description. always remember two things i.e., submit post link with different title and description every time for each bookmarking site and the title and description contain keywords. Always Remember don’t do spamming.

Email Marketing:-

Nowadays Email Marketing is useful and valuable part of online marketing. with the help of email marketing you can drive targeted traffic on your blog or website.

If you are using WordPress then there are lots of email marketing plugin available on you can use email subscription plugin or you can use mailchimp. mailchimp provides free email marketing facility. but in your free mailchimp account you can send mail only to 1200 subscriber.

Email Marketing

Find some High PR blog:-

Do you need targeted traffic on your website or blog? Find High PR blogs which is relevant to the keyword of your post and leave your comment their. Blog Commenting is very helpful to drive traffic to your website or blog.  but now Google does not count Blog Commenting link as a seo.

Regular updating of the blog:-

Always maintain a time interval to update your blog. Regular update blog will do the trick.

Participate in social media:-

Share your Post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+. Many Bloggers share post only using the link. But always post link with images. This can make your share clickable. also join related Google+ Community and Facebook Group. Focus On Google+ Share. It is Very Helpful for your SERP.  Share your Post on Google+.

Always reply to the comments:-

whenever you receive any comment on your blog post then, always reply to it within full details.