Change Color and Size of Right Click Menu:-

You can change Right Click Menu Size, Font Size, Background Color, Font Color, Font Format according to your choice without theme installation. No need of the theme.
Step 1:-
Firstly Refresh your system by pressing F5.
Then press right click on blank desktop area
Then click on   properties. A template will be show.
Step3:- then Click to “Appearance” tab.
Steps4:- Then Click “Advance
Steps5:- then Click to item Dropdown menu and Select  Menu

Then change Size of Right Click Menu(Make Large or small), and change color1(for Menu Background) and Select Font, Size, Color.
For Example:- Select Size 26 and Color1 Green and Font MS Reference Sans Serif, Size 8, Color Black. Then click ok and Apply this setting to Click Apply Button.

Click Ok.

Click Apply Button.

Your Right Click Menu Will look:-


******************************* End **********************************