Author is the writer of any blog or website. For any blog author information and image is most important and effective.

If you have any blog in wordpress and you want to show the author image under the post then don’t need to install plugin. All you need to do is just create your profile on Gravatar.

Here are following ways to create an author image in wordpress without plugin:


Create Profile on

Go to Gravatar

create profile on gravatar

 Click on ‘Create your own Gravatar:-

create your own gravatar


Now follow the signing up process.:-

gravatar signup process

Confirm your email on Gravatar:-

confirmation email sent

Now click on ‘My profile:-

Fill your profile i.e. name, location, and so on properly.

my profile

Saving your profile click on Gravatar logo.-

Click on Add an image option:-

click on add an image

Select your pic and upload:-

upload your profile pic

Choose rating for your Gravatar and then go to wordpress blog.

by clicking on g rated

Now To go to your wordpress Blog:-

Add new user and fill the same email id which you have created on Gravatar.

add new user

Now your author image is created.

user image in wordpress account

Now Author Image in Post without Plugin

author image in post