Android is the mobile operating system developed by google. It is primarily for touchscreen devices. These free calling android app are available on Google Play store. The growing demands of smartphones has increased craze for android app among people.

Here are the best free calling app for android:


free calling app for android


Facebook Messenger  :

It is all for free calls, videos and chat heads. Get conversation to live using  stickers and get location info of nearby people.

Google Voice   :

This app is only in US. This app provide cheap international and local calls with google number. Users can send free text messages, listen to voicemail and read transcripts.

Viber :

Viber provides free calls and free videos. It share locations. It also provides stickers, emotions and doodles.Push notifications make you never miss text message or call.

Line :

Line provides 24 hours a day. Text, stickers, photos and location info can be updated. Free text messages and calls are available on every android phone and pc also.

TextPlus :

This app allows users to call in US and Canada. High quality calls can be made on 3G, 4G and wifi connections.

Fring :

Free group calls are available on Fring. Users can call up up to four people at the same time. It give highest quality calls.

Skype :

users can send instant message, voice or video calls. photos and videos can be shared. It is free to share voice and video calls.

Rebtel :

Rebtel provides cheap international calls and text. It is free to call and text for local rebtel user. The most featuring quality is great voice quality even without internet connection